K.M. Harrell


The Dark Princess

Nyira must try and reconcile with Higuamota when Enriquillo is kidnapped by a powerful Spanish landowner who covets him as another magical being to add to his large collection. She seeks out Father Reyes, her one ally in the church, to help her travel to Cuba where Enriquillo has been taken. She must resist the darkness within herself that could see her destroy everything and everyone in her path to bring her beloved home.

The Graveyard Club

Besa Melponte is the 12-year-old daughter of the only Necromancer in 19th Century New Orleans. When she and her three friends, Dickey O’Brien, Margaret Claiborne, and Mokheer(the warlock boy) start opening tombs to practice her father’s craft, they get more than they bargained for when dark and dangerous entities seem intent on destroying Besa.

A Comedy of Monsters

The Bixler is a meat contractor to the crown of Zadea, a realm of monsters ruled by King Einyuck. The Bixler’s been at it for three hundred years. That is until the king’s son, Prince Sebus, is born cursed and the king needs the means to either kill him or get him out of the way. Killing is out of the question because the curse (The Black Rhithmus) will be enacted should any harm come to the prince before he matures. So, the king bamboozles the Bixler into warding the prince.

This goes badly, because the prince matures six months every day, and the day he reaches maturity, will bring about the curse. In the battle to contain the prince and please the king, the Bixler and the wizard, Dlledo, make a rash decision to drop the prince in the middle of a battle Zadea is losing, in the hope he will be killed. He isn’t and instead brings about the Rhithmus, that miraculously, the Bixler has the ability to stop. This makes him a hero and an instant enemy to the king. This also lets him know that he is not supposed to be on this planet, because he is a Time Sequencer, and its destruction will ensue if he does not leave before the Angrezine eclipse.

To complicate matters even further, the Bixler discovers that he has not been on the planet as long as he thought, and instead was the victim of a political coup on his homeworld. He is the son of a powerful royal family, whose possession of a device that can reverse time in the universe, pits them against an enemy that seeks to literally consume their galaxy.

And as if matters couldn’t get any worse, the creatures the Bixler saved from the Rithmus, decide not to let him leave, and instead make him their king and lock him in his own castle. In the center of all this, sits a sentient, snarky, omnipotent castle, that has no problem meting out misery and mayhem at every opportunity. But for the Bixler’s part, he has twelve hours to convince the creatures to free him from his own castle, so he can save them and the universe from certain destruction.